When Will New Episodes Drop?

If you’re a fan of HBO’s programming (or are just extremely online), you’ve probably heard of The Idol. A collaboration between Euphoria‘s Sam Levinson and musician The Weeknd, The Idol is, in every way, a combination of the two men’s creative visions. Starring Lily Rose Depp, The Weeknd, and many, many others (Hank Azaria, Rachel Sennott, and Troye Sivan are just a few of the star-studded names attached), the series follows Jocelyn, a pop star who falls under the spell of a mysterious club owner. Together, the two work to make Jocelyn the biggest pop star in the world.

While the premise may sound intriguing, early reactions to the show are… really not good. Currently, the series has a 25% critical score on Rotten Tomatoes, one of the lowest scores in recent memory for a major television production. Variety says the show “seems calculated to fool audiences into thinking they’re observing how Hollywood operates, when so much of it amounts to tawdry clichés lifted from Sidney Sheldon novels and softcore porn.”

In summary, the show sounds intensely graphic, gratuitous, and prioritizes shock value over an interesting plot. Still, it’s understandable people may be interested in just what all the fuss over the show is about. But be warned: hate-watching could get The Idol a second season if it really is as bad as it looks. So if you really want to see The Idol, here’s how to ensure you wont’s miss a single episodes of HBO’s newest series.

How many episodes of The Idol are left?

All episodes of The Idol are now streaming.

Here’s the complete release schedule for The Idol Season 1.

Episode 1: Now streaming as of June 4, 2023

Episode 2: Now streaming as of June 11, 2023

Episode 3: Now streaming as of June 18, 2023

Episode 4: Now streaming as of June 25, 2023

Episode 5: Now streaming as of July 2, 2023

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