The jurors who will decide Trump’s fate in the New York hush money trial

This juror said that, as a “woman of color,” she has friends with strong opinions about Trump but that she tries to avoid politics herself and is not very interested in the news. While most of the jurors in the box indicated they were aware Trump faced other criminal cases, this woman signaled she did not.

She did say she likes Trump’s candid style.

“President Trump speaks his mind,” she said. “I’d rather have that than someone in office that we don’t know what he’s doing behind the scenes.”

This juror has lived in Harlem for her entire life and works in education. She gets her information from Google and TikTok, and she listens to “The Breakfast Club,” a radio show in New York City.

The juror’s mother and godfather have worked in law enforcement. Both are retirees from the New York Police Department.

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