The all-new AER opens at Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai

AER re-opened on June 18, 2023 after a year of complete renovations, presenting a thrilling transformation. A fresh and exciting beverage menu by renowned mixologist Alexandre Renoue, also known as Alex, who takes on the mantle of Beverage Manager, is designed to delight the discerning drinker while the bar’s refined interiors make the perfect setting for lingering gazes at glorious views of South Mumbai’s skyline and glorious sunsets.

One of the most anticipated openings of the year, AER has now opened its doors in an exciting iteration as a yacht club invigorated by a new team and a novel approach to food and beverages. Hallmarked by an alluring mélange of modernity underscored by time-tested traditionalism, architect Phillip Pond has reimagined the space into a contemporary bar with a nautical undertone. The people-centric design places the essential touch points of service at the heart of its design, with an ergonomic layout that unfolds as a symmetrical dialogue between those points of service—the warm, welcoming air of the bartender and hostess—and the gathering spaces fashioned around the central bar that can be accessed from all four sides.

AER’s revamped menu, serves as a gastronomic voyage for gourmands and a masterclass in culinary artistry. “The beverage menu is an ode to its nautical ethos and thoughtfully curat as a sensory voyage through the changing patterns of the weather,” says Alex. The serene clarity of the tranquil Clear Skies cocktail line-up gives way to the brooding intensity of the Thunderheads, an assortment of bold spirits and alcohol-forward mixtures. On a sunny day, guests can immerse their senses in the whimsical frothiness of Cumulus, featuring frothy concoctions, or step into a monsoon reverie with rejuvenating carbonated beverages, along with well-balanced non-alcoholic cocktails to ensure that every guest enjoys the skilled craftsmanship. AER offers an extensive menu featuring handcrafted cocktails, delicious small and large plates featuring cuisines from all over the world and a vast selection of beers, wines and spirits. The delectable menu is inspired by cuisines of the coasts and is sure to delight the discerning diner. It includes an extensive vegan and vegetarian selection.

Speaking of the new opening, General Manager Sunil Narang shares, “Everyone who visits us asks about AER, it is the most eagerly anticipated opening for guests of the Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai. The hotel’s commitment to providing guests with innovative and personalised experiences sets it apart and with AER we look forward to scripting a new chapter in the legacy of this cocktail capital that we call home.”

AER will be operational seven days a week from 5:30 pm to 1:30 am.


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