Terraria Trick Gets You Infinite Money

Any Terraria players looking to cut down on the money grind will be interested to know that an exploit has been discovered that can generate an endless source of coins using a quick and easy setup. A game with as many moving parts as Re-Logic’s 2D sandbox game is bound to have a bug or two that players may stumble upon, but it’s safe to say players probably won’t mind stumbling on this one.

Twelve years have passed since Terraria first debuted, and yet the game remains a prominent fixture in the indie gaming scene. While the Journey’s End update in 2020 was once meant to be the grand sendoff for the game, Re-Logic has continued to support Terraria with new updates all the way into 2023, even crossing over with other popular indies like Dead Cells and Stardew Valley in the process. With all the new stuff that’s been added in recent years, it’s no surprise that there are some technical bugs to be found hiding in the woodwork.

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The good news is, according to astrald_ on TikTok, one such bug makes it possible to generate infinite money in Terraria by creating an endless supply of Crystal Shards. To start, players need to build a short stack of blocks and then place two wooden platforms with a block on either side. Then, players need to break the left platform, transform the right one into a right-facing stair using a hammer, grab a Crystal Shard, then hold the place button with the cursor hovering over where the left platform used to be. Doing this will generate new Shards at a rapid pace, with astrald_’s video showing their character gaining over a hundred of them in just a couple of seconds.

Crystal Shards have some of the highest sell price of any common item in Terraria, going for 15 silver coins apiece, so players should be able to make some serious money in record time using this exploit. There are some caveats, however. It appears that this trick only works in single-player mode, so those who primarily play in multiplayer worlds will be out of luck. Also worth noting is that Crystal Shards can only be found in Terraria’s Underground Hallow biome, which itself only appears after unlocking Hardmode by defeating a world’s Wall of Flesh boss.

This means new players starting off in a newly-formed world will have to put in some time and effort before they can start farming Crystal Shards using astrald_’s method. Of course, veteran players who’ve already managed to unlock Hardmode in Terraria should be free to begin making bank right away.

Terraria is available for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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