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How many times have we heard Joe Biden tell tall tales about his background? 

He’s claimed to be all kinds of things, I’m not even sure I can remember them all, there are so many of them. 

18-wheeler truck driver, civil rights activist, grew up in the black church — it’s been a never ending list of things designed to pander to whatever audience he was talking to. 

Even if you didn’t know Joe Biden’s proclivities to just make things up, you would know the black church story was nonsense by the way Biden seemed to react with complete surprise and amazement when he was in a black church. 

That’s when he wasn’t going to the synagogue. 

I have to think there’s some issue he has that causes him to do this, to exaggerate so much about his background tin order to pump himself up.  Obviously it goes back to at least 1987. This problem was at least part of the reason he had to drop out of the 1988 race when he was caught on some of his lies. 

I think whatever the reason is for the exaggerations is also part of the reason he doesn’t like being challenged and blows his top when he is, because you’re challenging his fixed delusion about being right on whatever the topic is. He even flipped out on the person who dared challenge him in 1987, and then say that he was sure his IQ was higher than his. He then lied about his scholastic achievement, which the clip covers. Notice how he also seems to have less hair then than he does now and there’s no “stutter.” But that was when Biden still had some semblance of shame. 

But I wanted to note what Joe Biden has said about his alleged Puerto Rican connection. We covered that back in 2022 and I wrote about how he said he was “raised in the Puerto Rican community at home, politically.”

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As I noted at the time: 

He claimed he had been to Puerto Rico before because it was part of the “Third Circuit.” But Puerto Rico is part of the Court of Appeals for the First Circuit. So it was unclear what the heck he was talking about. But he barely did any lawyering before he became a senator and that wouldn’t make you Puerto Rican anyway if you visited the area a few times, so even this pandering effort was a big stretch.

Third Circuit is Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and the Virgin Islands. Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands are not the same thing, Joe. 

But Maze (@mazemoore) who is pretty amazing at digging up great video found a fascinating video that busts Joe Biden on his growing up Puerto Rican tall tale with…Joe Biden’s own words. This is from Dec. 17, 1987 during the SCOTUS hearings for Anthony Kennedy when Biden was chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee and he was questioning Michael Martinez, the president of the National Hispanic Bar Association at the time. Check out what Biden admits. 

 “I did not grow up in an area or community where there were large Hispanic or even small Hispanic populations. It was just nonexistent,” Biden said. He also confessed that he only became aware three years ago of the prejudice against Hispanic Americans. Not exactly someone who has any deep knowledge of anything. 

Whoops. Looks like Joe just told on Joe again. This is similar to how his 1987 self calls out his more current incarnation about his malarkey on being a civil rights activist.

In 1987, during that presidential run, the media did hold him to account. Now we can see how much things have changed because we know that they won’t nail him on this or any of the other falsehoods he constantly tells in any significant way. This is how far we have fallen since then. 

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