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Did you know that Virgin Media and BT offer cheap broadband packages to families receiving benefits, including universal credit? I only point this out because the companies themselves don’t seem to publicise these offers.

I am helping a Ukrainian refugee family who have managed to find a home of their own in the UK. Broadband costs are incredibly high relative to their low income, so I asked Virgin Media whether there was anything that was more affordable than its existing £28-a-month deal.

The adviser offered me a package for £27 and said that was the lowest. This was too much, so we declined. However, a friend later sent me a link to the Virgin website, where it offered a package for £12 for families receiving benefits such as universal credit.

I am really surprised the person we spoke to didn’t mention it. Also, I could not see it advertised on the website. I imagine a lot of eligible families are missing out.

KS, by email

At a time when consumers are facing inflation-busting price increases from broadband and mobile contracts, “social tariffs” have never been more important.

BT, Virgin and Vodafone offer new and existing customers in receipt of certain benefits a phone line and basic broadband for £12 a month. Sky’s offer is £20 and only available to existing customers; TalkTalk has its own discount deal.

Phone companies do need to do more to promote them. If you know someone who loses their job, or is on benefits for whatever reason, remind them these tariffs exist. There is a full list on the MoneySavingExpert website.

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