Trump Questions Whether Ocean Could ‘Someday’ Reach Las Vegas In Wild Clip

Former President Donald Trump declared that Las Vegas could “maybe someday” have an ocean before a crowd broke out into cheers at a campaign stop on Saturday.

Trump, while discussing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ request for an endorsement in his state’s election, reflected on his love for the Sunshine State before comparing it to the Nevada community.

“And remember, Florida’s easier than other places, you have the ocean and you have the sun. There’s something about that that works. But – you have the sun, too, but you don’t have the ocean, I can tell. You definitely don’t have the ocean. Maybe someday you’ll have the ocean, you never know,” said Trump, who made a motion with his hand before the crowd applauded him.

″Someday. Hopefully it’s a long time away, right? Hopefully.”

Twitter users weighed in on Trump’s oceanic remark and joked that he suggested a “big, beautiful sea rise” on Saturday.

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