MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace Makes Frightening Prediction After Trump Gag Order Request

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace cautioned that “shit’s about to hit the fan” as federal prosecutors seek a gag order to bar Donald Trump from making inflammatory public statements related to his coup attempt case.

“I’m going to say something that people say privately all the time and not on TV all very often: Something really bad is going to happen,” Wallace warned on Friday’s edition of “Deadline: White House.”

This comes after special counsel Jack Smith asked a federal judge to clamp down on Trump’s remarks about the criminal case, which focuses on his efforts to overturn the 2020 election. Citing “disparaging and inflammatory messages” related to the court, prosecutors, witnesses and potential jurors, Smith alleged that Trump is aware he “inspires others to perpetrate threats and harassment against his targets.”

On her show, Wallace said, “Everyone … knows that we’re walking into something hideous, and no one will do anything.”

To illustrate, she pointed to a recent Fox News broadcast in which the network cut short an interview following a man’s apparent threats to Democratic lawmakers.

Wallace suggested that the GOP’s more traditional conservatives aren’t doing enough to avoid a potentially dangerous situation as Trump, who is now seeking his party’s nomination for the presidency, faces prosecution and riles up his fans.

“Where are all of the Republicans who still have little slivers of a following in the cesspool that is the MAGA base?” she asked, referring to supporters of Trump’s vow to “Make American Great Again.”

Her guest on the program, Charlie Sykes, said that “all of the red lights are blinking about what is about to happen” before applauding Smith’s move as “so important.”

“This is not just one trial among any. Donald Trump is not just one defendant among any. This is a former president of the United States who is prepared to call out the furies, who is prepared to stoke violence,” said Sykes.

“What happens in 2024 could be horrific. It is likely to be horrific. And all of the people that enabled it and rationalized it and looked the other way ought to be held to account in some way, at least in their conscience if not politically.”

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