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Vice President Kamala Harris spent much of her day obsessing over abortion, tweeting a widely-mocked post in the morning, then appearing at a North Carolina pro-abortion event in the afternoon. Once again, the VP seemed unable to stop herself from giggling despite the seriousness of the subject she was there to speak about:

In her tweet, meanwhile, Harris decried the end of Roe v Wade on the one-year anniversary of the Dobbs decision, claiming it was a tragedy for women’s rights. She described how she was so angered by the ruling that she could barely control herself and had to turn to Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff for emotional support:

So that day, the day that the Supreme Court took the constitutional right from the women of America, and I was outraged. In fact the first person I called was my husband because I could just let it all out with him.

This lie, so often repeated by the left, implies that somewhere in the Constitution, the Founders enshrined a right to abortion and that the extreme Supreme Court took it away. Of course, this is utter nonsense, as no such right exists; the historically bad 1973 Roe ruling created a “right” out of thin air. Even many pro-abortion supporters will admit that Roe was notoriously flawed.

Harris continued:

And my first thoughts really were about our daughter, my niece, my baby nieces, my goddaughters, and what this all might mean.

I mean for our daughter, she is going to know fewer constitutional rights than my mother-in-law.

That is just flat-out not true. Since the Constitution was drafted in 1787, there have been 27 amendments. Only one has been overturned—Prohibition. If you search the internet, you will find thousands of articles claiming that the Dobbs decision took away a constitutional right, but Justice Samuel Alito wrote in the majority decision that “the Constitution makes no reference to abortion and no such right is implicitly protected by any constitutional provision.” Boom.

Harris had more to say:

One year later, the majority of Americans are with us, from so-called red states to blue states, from Kentucky to California. When this issue was on the ballot in the midterms, the people voted in favor of allowing women to have the choice about what happens to their body.

Reaction was swift. Radio host Jason Rantz:

There were some funny ones as well:

Catholic priest Fr. Matthew Schneider clapped back at Harris’ claim that “the people voted in favor of allowing women to have the choice about what happens to their body”:

When asked about details, an overwhelming majority want abortion restrictions impossible under Roe & Casey, like banning late-term abortion. Also, even people who were pro-abortion admitted how specious the reasoning of Roe was—it never really was a constitutional right.

In her North Carolina appearance, meanwhile, Harris opined that the abortion issue is about “freedom”:

Freedom to make decisions about one’s own life, one’s own body. The freedom to be free from government interference when it comes to one’s private decisions. Decisions that are about heart and home.

The question they never answer is, if you believe in freedom for all, how can you justify taking away a baby’s freedom to live? She also said that she believes the majority of Americans believe that the government should not have a say in what women do with their bodies. Do you remember COVID, Madam Vice President, and your administration’s attempts to force federal workers to take experimental shots they didn’t want?

When you start your speech with giggles and then proceed to claim that the Constitution says something when it doesn’t, you know you’re not very good at your job.


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