Joe Rogan says trans women competing in women’s sports has become ‘forced compliance:’ ‘Just f—ing stop’

Joe Rogan is on the side of those who believe trans women shouldn’t be playing in women’s sports. 

In a recent episode of his “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast with special guest Ice Cube, the two discussed trans women, beginning with the Bud Light-trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney situation. 

But that conversation quickly shifted to how prevalent the debate is with transwomen participating in women’s sports, which Rogan believes is becoming “forced compliance” for everyone. 


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Joe Rogan praised Trump’s rehetoric about the war in Ukraine during a recent episode of his podcast. (Spotify)

“You’re forced to comply with this,” Rogan explained. “And it’s f—ing up women’s sports in a huge way. Some organizations are pushing back against that, and some people are pushing back against the organizations that are pushing back against it, which to me is insane. Like if you care at all about biological women, you should be against that.”

While many elected officials have been trying to create laws to protect women’s sports, it’s still allowed. That brought up a hypothetical argument from Ice Cube, the famous rapper and founder of Big3, who said there is nothing stopping NBA superstar LeBron James from retiring from the league, identifying as a transwoman, and playing in the WNBA.   


“They wouldn’t be able to stop it if he just decided to say publicly, ‘I identify as a woman,'” Rogan noted. “What are they gonna do? They can’t do anything, and then that would be the end.

“Just f—ing stop. There’s a reason why there’s women’s sports, and there’s a reason why there’s men’s sports.”

Public figures from Riley Gaines to Caitlyn Jenner have voiced their opinion on women’s sports featuring only biological women because of the physical disadvantages transwomen, biological males, present no matter the sport. 

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Podcast host Joe Rogan laughed at Budweiser’s new patriotic ad intended to quell backlash to Dylan Mulvaney controversy. (Screenshot/YouTube/JoeRoganExperience)

Numerous examples of transwomen winning events — Lia Thomas’s victory in NCAA swimming remains a key reason why the debate is at large — has been found at all levels, from high school track, to professional cycling. 

President Biden recently proposed to expand the scope of Title IX’s protection by broadening the meaning of sexual discrimination to include gender identity. 

It’s been met with serious pushback from Republican leaders, and several states moved forward with legislation to ban transgender athletes from competing in school sports that align with gender identities. 

There are 22 states that have regulations on transgender females in girls’ and women’s sports, with Alabama barring biological men from playing in women’s sports at the collegiate level last month. 

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Podcast host Joe Rogan wants Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., to debate Dr. Peter Hotez on his program. (Spotify)


“Look, if you are a biological male, you are not going to be competing in women’s and girls’ sports in Alabama. It’s about fairness, plain and simple,” Gov. Kay Ivey said in a statement at the time.

Fox News’ Ryan Morik contributed to this report. 

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