House GOP investigators seek briefing on ‘shameful’ cocaine incident at White House

The top House investigator is demanding a briefing from the Secret Service on how cocaine ended up in a key area of the West Wing, saying Congress deserves to know whether security lapses led to the “shameful” episode at the White House.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, Kentucky Republican, told Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle that her team should brief his panel no later than July 14.

“The presence of illegal drugs in the White House is unacceptable and a shameful moment in the White House’s history,” Mr. Comer said.

The White House was briefly evacuated last Sunday after agents found a white powdery substance during a sweep of the building. Lab tests confirmed the substance to be cocaine, sparking Washington intrigue over who left an illicit drug in a wing that includes the Oval Office and work spaces for key White House aides.

The White House said the drug was found in a “heavily traveled” area, with some reports pointing to a storage space that is used to store cellphones from staff and guests — an area accessible to staff-led tour groups. Former President Donald Trump and conservative pundits pointed the finger at the president’s son, Hunter Biden, who battled drug addiction in the past, although the president’s family was away from Washington when the drug was found.

“This incident has raised additional concerns with the committee regarding the level of security maintained at the White House,” Mr. Comer said.

The White House and Secret Service haven’t said much during the pending investigation, including whether security camera footage or visitor logs will help them nab the drug carrier.

Mr. Comer says his request for a briefing is justified because Congress funds White House security and his committee has broad authority to investigate any matter at any time.

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