Granholm’s Clown Car, Kennedy’s Story Hour, Biden’s Hanoi Hangover

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#1 – Hilarious: Granholm’s EV Road Trip Turns Into an Entitlement Clown Show, Family Forced to Call Police — by Nick Arama

Doesn’t that say it all? There weren’t enough chargers to deal with the demand, and they tried to block out other people to reserve a spot for Granholm at the faster charger. That screams entitlement and thinking they get to do that because of their power. When you’re stealing a spot from a family with a baby, you just might be pretty scummy. They’re denying a family the very service they claim to be helping to provide because the family was in the way of their PR stunt. And the Biden team did it with a vehicle that wasn’t even electric.  

Good for the family who wasn’t taking that nonsense and called the police on them. The police couldn’t do much, however, because it’s not illegal to do what the Secretary’s team did. But realizing they had a potential PR nightmare on their hands, they “scrambled to smooth over the situation, including sending other vehicles to slower chargers, until both the frustrated family and the secretary had room to charge.”

#2 – Democrats Froth and Seethe After John Kennedy Reads ‘Gender Queer’ During Senate Hearing — by Bonchie

Here’s a question for Rupar: Why does Kennedy’s reading from Gender Queer make him uncomfortable? Why does he think it’s out-of-bounds and something worthy of mockery? I mean, if this book is fine for children to read in public schools, why wouldn’t it be fine for a senator to read it on Capitol Hill during a hearing?

That is the ideological corner that Democrats have painted themselves into. I think most of them know Gender Queer doesn’t belong in schools and that sexualizing children is wrong (I say most because there are definitely some who don’t believe that). But left-wingers are so beholden to the LGBT lobby that to simply speak that basic truth would be considered sacrilege. Thus, you end up with these absurd situations where Democrats throw a fit over Republicans simply pointing out what the left actually supports. I say keep it up. Make them look themselves in the mirror.

#3 – Staff Pulls Plug on Presser as Biden Goes Over Edge in Vietnam With Confusion, Dog-Faced Pony Soldiers — by Nick Arama

I think he was trying to make a joke about “Good Morning, Vietnam,” which was a famous Robin Williams movie, not a “famous song.” And maybe that’s not the best movie to bring up when you’re in Vietnam. As my colleague Andrew Malcolm observed in his post about Joe Biden’s visit, Biden said his Afghanistan withdrawal would not be as bad as the Saigon panic, but then it was. 

But that was the good part. It was all downhill from there once the presser started. Although to be fair, it’s not much of a presser when he limits it to five preselected reporters that “they gave me here.”

#4 – Story About ‘Dismantle Police’ Dem Who Got Carjacked Takes Another Wild Turn With New Report — by Nick Arama

This is both hilarious and incredibly hypocritical. She didn’t want the people of Minneapolis to have police three years ago. But now, she thinks she deserves extra security for herself if what this law enforcement source is saying is true. Security for me, who cares about security for thee? And the police source doesn’t hold back with what the source thinks about all this. It doesn’t sound like the police are complying with the request, if the source’s response is any indication. If they did provide more security based on a political request, that would be a big problem too. 

Sounds like that body cam footage of the police responding to the incident is going to be very interesting when it comes out, given everything we’ve heard so far.

#5 – More on Bizarre Comment Biden Made Right Before Staff Pulled the Plug on His Vietnam Presser — by Nick Arama

“The only existential threat humanity faces — even more frightening than a nuclear war — is global warming going above 1.5° in the next 20, 10 years,” Biden said, saying we would be in real trouble. “There’s no way back from that.”

How can you take anyone seriously who thinks like that? And how can you expect the right national security priorities from someone whose thinking is so out of whack like this?  No wonder he doesn’t seem to take the threat of nuclear war seriously. 

But if he truly thought this, then why does he take his jet on vacation virtually every weekend? Why does he employ big gas-guzzling SUV motorcades everywhere he goes, with dozens of vehicles? One would think he doesn’t take it as seriously as he claims, that maybe it’s more about using the issue for control.

This is scary stuff when this guy has his finger near the nuclear codes.

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