Cha-ching: Here’s how much extra money MLB All-Star, Home Run Derby players get

(NEXSTAR) – Participating in the MLB All-Star Game and Home Run Derby is undoubtedly an honor. In addition to some bragging rights, it also comes with a monetary bonus. 

Per the MLB’s latest collective bargaining agreement, players elected or selected to the All-Star Game or the Home Run Derby receive six complimentary tickets for guests, first-class flights for themselves and two guests, first-class hotel accommodations for themselves and two guests, meal and tip allowances for three days, a $1,000 cash stipend and a gift from the league. 

Additionally, players on the All-Star teams receive a ring. Those attending their fifth, 10th, or 15th game as an All-Star also receive a gift or memento and special recognition, according to the CBA.

Some players will have already secured certain payouts before the game. 

According to the CBA, the top vote-getting player at each position (that includes the three outfielders with the most votes) in both the National League and American League receive $15,000 each. Those with the second-most votes (excluding outfielders) receive $5,000, and the third receives $2,500. 

That includes Los Angeles Angels two-way star Shohei Ohtani and Atlanta Braves shortstop Ronald Acuña Jr., both of whom received the most votes in their respective leagues.

A highlight of the All-Star Game is, sometimes, players who are mic’d up. Those players receive a stipend for their participation, per the CBA. This year, it’s $10,000, but that is set to increase to $15,000 in 2024.

Players – at least those who were available to play – on the roster of the winning All-Star Game team split an $800,000 bonus, which breaks down to about $25,000 each.

There’s a chance at an even bigger payout for Home Run Derby players. 

The overall winner receives $1 million, with the second-place player taking home half that. Six other players who participate in the Derby get $150,000. Whoever hits the furthest home run will win $100,000, according to the CBA. 

These payouts differ from postseason bonuses which are calculated based on a pool of funds created by ticket sales.

In the NFL’s Pro Bowl, nearly comparable to the All-Star Game and Home Run Derby, players receive $88,000 if they win (more than if they participated in last year’s Super Bowl) or $44,000 if they lose. Both payouts are set to increase to $116,000 and $58,000, respectively, by 2030.

The winner of the Super Bowl – most recently, the Kansas City Chiefs – took home $157,000 while the losers, the Philadelphia Eagles, earned $82,000.

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