Carl Crawford Denies Owing Erica Banks Money

A new snippet from an unreleased Erica Banks track sees the artist claiming that her label, 1501 Certified, owes her money. “And they owe me some money, they greedy,” she says in the snippet. Fans jumped on the accusation, noting the ongoing legal battle between the label and Megan Thee Stallion. Now, the head of the label has taken to social media to defend himself.

Former pro baseball player and CEO of 1501 Certified Entertainment Carl Crawford denies Banks’ accusation in a new clip. “Erica not even making no money for me to take,” he begins. Crawford goes on to claim that the only reason Banks is coming forward with the accusation is due to his ongoing drama with Megan Thee Stallion. “This is a good time to try to press the issue,” he says, “you think everybody will believe you because you know I’m going through this with Megan.”

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Carl Crawford Claims Erica Banks Isn’t “Making No Money” For Him To Take

Viewers in the comments section shared their thoughts, with several believing that the two accusations can’t be purely coincidental. “He’s clearly a bad business man,” one user writes. Another says, “everyone can’t be lying. Stop the gas lighting.” Megan Thee Stallion is suing 1501 for royalties. In April, the “Body” rapper brought the financial stability of the label into question. She filed a motion that claimed 1501 allegedly had less than $10,000 in its primary account.

Beef between Crawford and Meg got pretty ugly in the past, with both parties taking shots at one another. Earlier this year, Crawford addressed their feud saying, “Unfortunately, me and Megan haven’t talked since 2019.” “We been going through what y’all seen online,” he said, “That’s unfortunate, too, because I never wanted to go have a situation where I was going back and forth with her on the internet. I never had problems with Megan Thee Stallion, but this social media stuff turned it really sour. You take this social media stuff out of it, and we won’t have a problem. You won’t hear me mention Megan Thee Stallion’s name unless it’s a big-time interview.”

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