‘Barbie’ Star Michael Cera Reveals He Still Has a Flip Phone

Photo-Illustration: Illustration: Vulture. Photos: Getty Images

Barbie star Michael Cera is actually offline. Not like people who “don’t post on Instagram but watch everything everyone else does” offline. He has a literal flip phone and possibly has never upgraded to anything more. Technology connoisseur Cera proves that he is nothing if not himself, even when faced with glamorous Hollywood group chats. “I don’t have an iPhone myself… I have a flip phone,” told Cera to People about his cell phone plan. “But I still think I wouldn’t belong on [the group chat] anyway, because [my character] Allan is sort of in his own little world. Greta’s gift for me when I arrived was a picture disc of NSYNC’s No Strings Attached, which felt like somehow a real guiding light in the backstory of this character.” Cera stars as not a Ken but an Allan Sherwood, Ken’s buddy who is paired with Midge in the BCU (Barbie Cinematic Universe). Further details of his character are unknown, but if he’s getting left out of group chats and listening to N’Sync, he’s probably not like the other dolls.

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